CMYK values when printing text

While designing your artwork, keep in mind the following.

Designing the text, which must be printed black, try to stay away from using all 4 CMYK colours.
Using all colours can result to problems with fonts when printed.
When a printing sheet goes through the 4 towers each containing one of the CMYK colours the sheet may go slightly off which may cause, e.g. yellow edging around black letters.
These are very rare cases; however, we had approximately 1% of orders printed with edging when four CMYK colour values were used.
To avoid this possible problem, you can change the CMYK values to Cyan: 0% Magenta: 0% Yellow: 0% Key (black):100%.
This way the black printing tower and not all four colours will print the text.



When you want to start designing your artwork, you first need to make sure you have a list of all the requirements needed for this design.

Artwork Instructions:

The Template is the correct size with an additional layer on top to show you where the bleed and the safety space limits are. This layer must be removed before submitting the artwork. When designing the artwork you can refer back to this layer to make sure your artwork conforms to the limits set by this layer.

The main important details for design the artwork is the following

It must be the correct size as per the product specifications.

The background image must go all the way to the edge or it must be 5 mm away from the edge.

All Images, Logos or Text must be at least 5 mm away from the edge.

Images must be 300 DPI. An easy way to see if the image is hig quality is to zoom to 400%.

On a 400% zoom the quality of the image must be high enough not to have blurriness or pixilation.

DaabPrint accept files in the following formats: JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, AI, PSD, and EPS. However, PDF & TIFF files are preferred.